About Us

DriverRehab is coordinated by two fully qualified Driver Trained Occupational Therapists. Our therapists are experienced in conducting occupational therapy driver assessments, prescribing vehicle modifications and monitoring driving lessons for people with injuries, illness or disabilities.

We provide service to both novice drivers with a congenital or acquired disability and experienced drivers with medical condition.

We are a NDIS registered provider and a preferred service provider for most private health funds. 



  • Physical or cognitive skills related to driving may have declined since the first time one obtained his or her driver’s license
  • Those with physical injury, neurological condition (e.g. Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis), brain injury, stroke, illness, disability or mental disorder may  want to know whether they are able to drive.
  • Doctors may require comprehensive functional driving assessment to know whether a patient is fit to drive


Unsafe drivers are a concern to themselves and other road users. Occupational therapy driver assessments will assist medical practitioners, health professionals and the Department of Transport to determine whether a driver should continue to drive  and / or identify the aids and equipments required to enable them to drive.

If a driver hasn’t been medically cleared and is involved in a traffic accident due to his or her medical condition or disability, the insurance company may not cover the claim.

Registered Provider NDIS